The Carmin Group’s asset management companies have been composed of a team of specialists with a proven track record in their sector. These teams are involved in managing assets for third parties with the imperatives of transparency and risk management which goes with the job. The companies all benefit from strategic links with institutions which have solid guarantees of sustainability. With its focus on European Corporate Private Debt, its highly diverse team and strategic allegiance to the Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe via the French company AM, Delff is a perfect example of the strategic orientation of the Group. In the field of asset management, Carmin has chosen to work with specialist teams who are dominant in the investment and risk sector. Their experience as managers, their added value in markets with small cash flow but which are demanding in terms of property research, and their entrepreneurial spirit, plus an input of capital, are key to their skills, and the association with Carmin Finance. They all have accreditation from the British CFA.