Carmin Group

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The Carmin group is a new financial player created by Nicolas Mérindol in November 2014 and his four partners Hervé Digne, Eric Martin, Christophe Pothier and Dominique Tréchot, based on the association of key managers with the capital of their business, the selection of high-level expertise in innovative professions, gathered around the activity of financial strategy consulting (mergers and acquisitions, equity investments, advisory) via Carmin Finance.
Carmin Finance is a member of the international network ICFG, which specialises in cross-border mergers and acquisitions and is currently active in more than 15 countries.
Today, the Carmin ecosystem includes 6 companies, 250 employees including the Investance group, a leader in management consulting exclusively dedicated to the banking and insurance sectors, BDO Sicier, a public accounting firm dedicated to real estate players in association with BDO France, and equityStories, a communications consulting firm. 

Our values

The companies from the Carmin ecosystem all share strong common features which make up the basic identity of the group :

  • –   specialization , which means teams of experts intervening in niche sectors ;
  • –   experience, thanks to the recruitment of senior experts ;qu’apporte la mobilisation d’équipes senior ;
  • –   the demands of added value and perfection in the services which define the field of intervention ;
  • –   an entrepreneurial spirit where the management is systematically involved with company capital, and
  • –   a regulated status in order to emphasize the importance of rigor and compliance.

« Carmin was founded on one conviction: the « made-to-measure » and « variable geometry » which have revolutionized the industrial world are now being applied to the financial sector. From now on, each company director can decide on what his company needs in terms of financial advice, by getting together niche expertise which he’ll have identified, in order to obtain a more personal, operational and efficient answer. By creating Carmin, we wanted to create a financial player for this new world. We are innovative in the expertise we put together, our partners’ profiles and our open architecture. »

Nicolas Mérindol, President and founder of Carmin

Our history

  • Summer 2012: Creation of Amilton Finance and equity investment in Amilton Asset Management and Equitis
  • Mid 2014: Sale of Amilton Asset Management and Equitis
  • End of 2014: Amilton Finance becomes Carmin Finance
  • Early 2015: Acquisition of a stake in Delff, a debt fund management company, and creation of BDO Sicier with BDO
  • March 2015: Creation of the Small Caps department
  • November 2015: Acquisition of an equity interest in Investance, a management consulting firm dedicated to financial players
  • November 2017: Olifan Group, an expert in entrepreneurial wealth management, enters the Carmin ecosystem with a joint BDO/Carmin/Olifan commercial offer
  • September 2018: Christophe Pothier, partner of Carmin Finance, takes over the presidency of the international network ICFG


Les associations soutenues par Carmin