Carmin Finance / ICFG France supports the implementation of a €220M debt financing

The Walden Group, a major supply chain player and leader in healthcare logistics in Europe, has finalized the restructuring of its debt with a banking pool.

About Walden

Founded in 1951 in France, the Walden Group is a family-owned company whose ambition is to become a global player in healthcare supply chain and logistics. The group’s activities are managed by 5 companies: Ciblex, for express transport, Movianto, for healthcare logistics, Eurotranspharma and Transpharma International for pharmaceutical transport and Pharma Pilot for IT solutions. The Walden Group has grown rapidly with the recent acquisition of Movianto in June 2020. Present in 16 countries (France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Switzerland, Morocco, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), the group employs more than 6,000 people on 180 sites and more than 800,000 m of floor space. The Walden Group will achieve a 1.7B€ turnover for the year 2021.

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