Target ADCIS
Deal type Mergers & Acquisitions
Transaction Description

Who is ADCIS ?

Based in Caen, the company created and managed by Bruno Laÿ relies on a team of high-level research and development engineers specialized in image processing and Artificial Intelligence.

The expertise of ADCIS in the field of Computer Vision is recognized in France and internationally. The company, which develops the Aphelion image processing software, deploys its know-how in the health sector (ophthalmology, dermatology, life sciences) but also in several advanced industrial fields (drones, materials, authentication, etc.).

What are Evolucare’s goals?

After releasing OphtAI in 2021, Evolucare is taking another decisive step to become a major player in AI, especially in healthcare. Evolucare’s ambition with this acquisition is to:

  • Accelerate the development of the Aphelion solution to support ADCIS’ historical business
  • To consolidate an Ophthalmology cluster around OphtAI:
    • To own 100% of the subsidiary OphtAI in order to ensure its commercial development
    • Access new databases to improve the performance of OphtAI algorithms
    • Extend the OphtAI offer to new Ophthalmology solutions
    • Develop industrial partnerships with integrators who will carry the OphtAI offer
  • To prepare Evolucare for the healthcare IT challenges of tomorrow
    • Position the group as a major player in healthcare AI
    • Rely on the skills, expertise and networks of the ADCIS team.
Industry Sector
ICFG Office

Carmin Finance / ICFG France successfully advised the sale of ADCIS to Evolucare.

Transaction Details

Thanks to Carmin Finance / ICFG France, Evolucare accelerates its external growth with the acquisition of ADCIS