Target Ciblex
Deal type Mergers & Acquisitions
Transaction Description

Easypost is a Belgium-based company dedicated to logistics technology, and has just acquired a Ciblex specialized in mail distribution transportation activity.

A constantly expanding Company Ciblex is active in France and the Benelux, and operates in Europe and worldwide through a network of partners. Ciblex has a turnover of 172 million euros (2017), employs 700 people and distributes 300,000 parcels from 0 to 30kg every day.

Ciblex core business is to deliver express parcels from 0 to 30kg, the next-day. And this for over 40 years. Ciblex also offers an array of solutions, such as reverse logistics and express swaps. Ciblex has also a network of 3,100 PUDO’s (pick up and drop off points) in France that make it possible to provide parcels the next morning to field agents.

Ciblex was advised by Christophe Pothier / Carmin Finance

Sébastien Buess, CEO of Easypost: “with this new acquisition, Easypost consolidates its position on the Belgium territory which is central and relevant to our Europeanization strategy” Wouter Vlassenbroek, from Ciblex Belgium: “Easypost is a Ciblex long-term partner, and this operation allows us to focus on our core knowledge and activity: collecting and distributing less than 30KG packages on the last kilometer, and on Belgium territory”

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

Carmin Finance / ICFG France advised Ciblex on the sale of its mail activity to Easypost in Belgium

Transaction Details

Thanks to Carmin Finance / ICFG France, the Belgium-based company Easypost has just acquired Ciblex, a company specialized in mail distribution transportation.