Dominique Trechot


Dominique Trechot is a Founding Partner of Carmin Finance. His image is that of a deal-maker at ease in difficult situations, straightforward and creative in negotiation. He has a strong ability to intervene in multicultural situations (half of him is Irish, half of him English) and a long practice of taxation, and legal arrangements, which has given him freedom of mind, understanding, and imagination in this field.


Dominique began his career as a tax lawyer with the Francis Lefebvre Engineering Office, where he advised the largest French and foreign groups for several years.

In order to ensure his transition between the world of law and that of business, he devoted himself for several years to the management of industrial and service companies (maintenance of machine tools, art trimmings, training) for the same Parisian “family office”. During the same period, he co-piloted all the acquisition operations of this family office (alongside its main shareholder).

Since 1987, he has devoted himself exclusively to conducting equity transactions on the midcap market: capital increases, financing and negotiation of external growth transactions, disposals, acquisitions, turnaround situations, restructurings of round tables, conflicts between shareholders, and structuring traditional OBO, LBO and MBI transactions.

During this period, he personally initiated, led, negotiated and concluded more than 250 transactions, three-quarters of which concerned companies in the regions and half of which involved a European counterparty. Its daily contacts are the managers and shareholders of SMEs and ETIs, as well as all the entities involved in financing their “equity capital”. He built an important network in the world of midcap investment funds, private banks, financing organisations, and also with many family offices and business angels.


Dominique is a graduate of HEC Business School in Paris and obtained later a DEA in Economics.

Life drives and passions

Beyond advisory, Dominique has a strong civic engagement: indeed, for 20 years, he was a volunteer treasurer for several associations fighting cystic fibrosis, the most important of which was the VLM, the organizer of the Virades de l’Espoir. In addition to his professional activities, he has more recently followed a training as a mediator, and now practices mediation both in the corporate world and in worlds very far from it. At least, Dominique appreciates French food and wine when he has some downtime.

Paris, France