M&A – Buy-side

Buying a company is a fascinating and subtle journey and you will need a strong professional acquisition advice.

The purchase can be of an identified target company, or the result of a structured search, the target may be approached on a one to one basis or being sold in some sort of auction process, the target can the property of a large group, a PE fund or a family, the company can be a single legal entity or a multi countries and business conglomerate, this could either be a single acquisition or a part of a wider buy and build strategy or an MBO/MBI.

Each situation is rather unique and requires cautious and personalized approach to secure a competitive price and smooth post merger integration.

Our corporate finance experts will support you during the entire purchasing process and add value at every stage, especially for crossborder transactions where you will benefit from the global ICFG network and its experts level of experience in closing international deals :

  • Help to define your growth strategy
  • Integrate the strategy with your financing plan and the value creation metrics of the company
  • Target research and summarisation of the operational and financial profile
  • Connect and build relationships with the business owners
  • Formulate offer strategy
  • Negotiate
  • Coordinate Due diligences owing to our multi skills and countries network
  • Contribute to an earn-out strategy or a purchase in several steps
  • Post merger Integration planning & organization

All our transactions are Partner-led so you will benefit from a strong expertise and have a central point of contact during this whole process, something that can makes the difference in the last stretch to closing