Eric Martin

Managing Director

Eric Martin co-founded the Carmin Financial Group, which operates in three business lines: Advisory, Asset Management and Financial Services. The group’s partners share the same philosophy: giving back letters to the Board, guaranteeing a high quality and tailor-made service, in a desire to give back a voice to the real economy, industry and services, thanks to the banker’s proximity to his client.


Born in 1971, Eric began his career in the service of the French State in connection with the sale of a portfolio of listed and unlisted assets owned by Clinvest/Crédit
Lyonnais. In 1997, he joined a leading American bank in mergers and acquisitions, Bankers Trust, and developed a team which became quickly a leader in the M&A sector in France and in Europe.

Eric Martin then participated in the development of others investment banking activities such as capital markets and investment banking activities specialized financing. In 1999, Bankers Trust was acquired by Deutsche Bank.

In 2004, he created a department dedicated to real estate, hotels and leisure activities covering the mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital market activities, and led the European team for Continental Europe (France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal).

He advised more than 30bn euros of transactions (37 IPOs, 50+ large M&A deals, cross boarder deals US-Europe, Intra european deals, etc.).

In 2010, he joined Lazard Frères in Paris to create and develop a Real Estate department with a successful track record of more than 7 billion euros of transactions within 2 years.In 2014, he decided to create the Carmin group with his partners to apply his principles: independence, absence of conflict of interest, sharp sectoral specialisation with broad product competence, responsive and top-of-the-range team.


Eric is a graduate of the ESSEC group (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economic and Commercial) and obtained a Diploma of Studies accounting and financial executives (DESCF).

Life drives and passions

Culture, painting, horse riding.

Paris, France
Mobile phone
+33 6 37 16 59 16