A.Vaccani & Partners represents ICFG in Switerland with offices in Zurich.


Who is A.Vaccani & Partners ?

A. Vaccani & Partners (AVP) was founded in 1992 by Amedeo Vaccani and was by 2015 established as one of the leading “consulting and M&A boutiques” in Switzerland with a strong industry knowledge and market-leading international customers from Europe, Asia and North America.

What is the purpose of A.Vaccani & Partners ?

With the goal to support companies to successfully grow their business internationally by offering management consulting, strategic partnering, and M&A services, AVP international team has executed several hundred Management Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Partnering and Research mandates, is located on three continents and speaks 13 languages.

What services A.Vaccani & Partners is providing ?

  • Management consulting: AVP has advised over 40 publicly quoted companies and more than 80 SMEs to realize growth potential, improve operational efficiency, and/or deal with challenging business situations in Europe, Asia and North America. Strategic business analysis often includes in-depth market, competitor, customer analysis performed by AVP’s competent research team in addition to the internal strategic review.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions : AVP has supported over 100 corporate finance mandates and successfully completed more than 80 M&A transactions in Europe, Asia and North America. Buy side, merger, growth financing and project financing mandates are often important elements for implementation of growth strategies jointly developed by AVP and its customers. Sell side mandates are often succession solutions, corporate spin-offs or are driven by desired shareholder exits (e.g. Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Office)
  • Strategic Partnering : AVP has supported over 60 mostly transcontinental strategic partnership mandates and successfully completed more than 40 partnership transactions in Europe, Asia and North America. Strategic partnerships are always an important element of longer term strategy implementation for all parties involved. AVP has unique expertise in developing sustainable long-term partnering models and mediating fair, mutually beneficial long-term agreements.
  • Industry Research : AVP research has concluded over 60 specialized global or regional research projects and published over 30 multi-client reports for European, Asian and North American clients.

Has A.Vaccani & Partners special industrial areas of excellence ?

AVP research is often supporting strategy development and/or implementation projects and is a key element of continued enhancement of the information basis in our practice areas. AVP has very strong practice in Environment, Energy and Sustainability.


What is the operating team of A.Vaccani & Partners ?

A. Vaccani & Partners (AVP) are industry experts with long operational experience combining knowledge, transaction orientation, project management and accurate research to generate value and achieve bottom line results for our clients


Senior Advisors:

  • Amedeo Vaccani
  • Willem Roos
  • Amir Golshani
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A. Vaccani & Partner (AVP)
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