Carmin Finance represents ICFG in France with offices in Paris, Marseille and Lille.


Who is Carmin Finance ?

Carmin Finance, founded in 2012 is a a partnership-oriented corporate finance advisory company jointly led by 4 active partners which has advised more than 100 companies since its creation.

What is the purpose of Carmin Finance ?

The firm is specializing in the support of mid size businesses in search of a long term relationship with advisors with a thorough vision of the companies challenges ans environment.

The firm supports the management and shareholders of medium-sized family businesses when it comes to fundamental business decisions involving strategy, governance, shareholding, funding and assets portfolio management.

When making its recommendations, the firm always place the focus on understanding its client business model and its prospects for the future to achieve tailor made out of the box solutions.

Well-founded methodological competence, extensive network, and a commitment to high level strategy allow to work on long lasting effects structuring decisions elaborated owing to a high degree of seniority in the staffing of the projects make Carmin Finance a very relational advisory firm in a world of transactions focussed corporate finance firms.

What services Carmin Finance is providing ?

The need to take action and the objectives of its middle-market clients define the range of the services that the firm offers.

The company is active in :

  • Mergers and acquisitions through sell side and buy side operations
  • Capital raise
  • Debt advisory
  • Restructuring with or without a legal proceeding context
  • Strategy consulting to support the commitment towards shareholders and management

Has Carmin Finance special industrial areas of excellence ?

Although the company is active in many economic fields, its experience has reached special depth in the following areas :

  • Real estate
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics and transport
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Consumer goods
  • Hydrogen

What are the landmark transactions Carmin Finance has been involved in ?

In 2018, Carmin Finance entered into relation with a US listed company owning a 500 M€ business in Europe that appeared not to be non core in this company. Throughout 2018 and 2019, Carmin organized several contacts at board level until positioning its client as the exclusive buyer of the target. In spite of the Covid crisis, Carmin has been able to close the deal at the end of H1 2020 and has secured for its client the success of the transaction, its funding and has actively participated in the PMI process by working iner alia on an assets backed funding structure to refund the acquisition debt. With this operation, Carmin client has doubled size and reached a European, leadership position in its business.

What is the operating team of Carmin Finance ?

The consulting team consists of top-qualified and experienced consultants who work together in individual teams tailored to the task at hand.

The partners

  • Nicolas Mérindol
  • Eric Martin
  • Dominique Tréchot
  • François Ramette
  • Christophe Pothier
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Carmin Finance
31 rue de Fleurus
75006 Paris
Phone: +336 09 64 27 18