Christophe Pothier

Managing Partner

Christophe Pothier is one of the founding partners of M&A boutique Carmin Finance. He is the Philosopher and the Academic, and this underlines his approach to the many areas which fill his life, including a successful career in business and M&A.


Born in 1959, Christophe brings to ICFG his vision and expertise on international transactions. His whole career was shaped with international corporate strategy, funding and an important track record in crossborder M&A.

Indeed, after his experience at Boston Consulting Group, Christophe joined the French listed conglomerate Chargeurs Group, focusing on turnaround and financial engineering strategies. For 22 years, Christophe had exposure to a wide range of sectors and roles, including Commodities, Manufacturing and Chemicals, both the M&A and Finance functions and finally ended his time there as the Group CFO. In 2012, where times were ripe for a new challenge, he founded Carmin Finance with other business acquaintances to capitalise on their own strengths and areas of expertise and the willingness to offer under the same roof corporate experience and finance skills.
Christophe Pothier is also Founding Vice-President of the Institut de Finance Structurée in Paris and used to be Member of the Board of the strategy consulting firm, Kea Partners.


He is a graduate of ESSEC (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) and holder of a DEA in Economics from EHESS (Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales).

Life drives and passions

Intellectual stimulation drives Christophe. He is a natural philosopher and thinker. Il fait partie d’un groupe de He has been part of a philosophy group for many years. Growing up in Lyon in France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the French Alps, Christophe still finds peace in the outdoors, and especially in the mountains where he climbs, cycles and runs as well as indulges in his hobby of astronomy. depuis de nombreuses années.

Paris, France
Work phone
+33 1 85 09 04 50
Mobile phone
+33 6 09 64 27 18