Welcome to Carmin Finance

Carmin Finance combines in its team the double operational and financial viewpoint allowing to answer the strategic and financial questions of companies in the most integrated way possible. All this with an international opening at all times thanks to the strong integration in the ICFG network.

Carmin Finance

In order to integrate these different issues and to develop value-creating and resilient transactions for its clients, Carmin Finance has brought together within the same structure

    • Business leaders with many years of experience;
    • Investment bankers with a deep knowledge of financial practices and processes;
    • Senior and experienced strategy experts;

who all share a taste for entrepreneurship and hand-crafting!

Carmin Finance was thus created in 2012 by bringing together a seasoned team ready to accompany its clients towards broader horizons:

Carmin Finance in a nutshell:

    • A tightly knit team dedicated to its clients’ operations
    • Partners with long and significant experience
    • An original financial strategy consulting offer
    • Numerous references (acquisitions, disposals, mergers, fundraising, debt restructuring, etc.)
    • Confidentiality in the management of transactions
    • A broad, interactive and multi-faceted network of experts and specialists

A word from the CEO

“By integrating these varied profiles, Carmin Finance brings together expertise to offer a more personalized, more operational and more specialized response. In founding Carmin, we wanted to create the financial player of this new world. We innovate through the expertise we bring together, the profile of our partners, and our open architecture.”

Nicolas Mérindol, CEO and Founding Partner of Carmin Finance